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Every stone has a story to tell, and I want you to know that story too. 


Being closest to the source is always a priority to me, buying directly from landowners, artisanal miners and independent cutters allows me to be in complete control of quality and authenticity.


Mass production and opaque supply chains is not in my ethos.

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Ethical practice is core to my business.

Wherever possible I make sure that the gemstones and diamonds I sell come from locations and mines that benefit the owners of that land and the actual miners themselves.


Transparency, benefaction and responsibility for and by all of those involved is the only way forward for business's of the future.

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Your gemstone or diamond is unique, literally one in a million. And so should your design.


After deciding on your gem we work together to bring your vision to life, to make your dream a reality. Every client works personally with me on every aspect of the design process,  your level of involvement is entirely up to you. Creating and owning a piece of fine jewellery is a very special part of ones life and

I am here to make sure that every aspect is memorable and joyous. 

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